3D Blister Cosmetic Bottle Light Box

- Jun 10, 2020-

With the development of the times, various pictographic light boxes have gradually become a trend. Next to the mall store, we can sometimes see various bottle lights in some stores, Blister processing of boxes, such as: wine bottle light box, beverage bottle light box, etc. 


Today, the editor will come to tell you a 3D blister cosmetic bottle lamp Case processing case, welcome everyone to discuss its process. The cosmetic bottle light box looks like this after blister processing:


As you can see, the 3D three-dimensional bottle blister light box can undoubtedly play a good publicity effect in the advertising of the beauty industry. Think about it Walking in the distance, I saw a bottle glowing in the distance, and the urge to see what happened was spontaneous. There are many purposes of advertising, including Two important purposes are information transmission and attention, and the bottle light box satisfies these two purposes well. On the one hand, bottle-style The pictogram light box is the best product display; on the other hand, people are full of curiosity about this new way of publicity. Bottle light box is undoubtedly human Performance of their wisdom.


Shanghai Bobang has 20 years of experience in the production and production of plastic bottles, and has produced many light boxes for plastic bottles. This cosmetic blister bottle light box is one of them First, its blister processing is similar to other bottle light boxes. All need to go through the following steps: the selection of materials -> mold making-->Blister processing-->Surface film-->Lamp assembly.


The blister processing of a bottle light box is generally large in size, and the height of the blister is higher than the general light box. At the same time, most of them are To emit light, so it has certain requirements for the choice of plate, especially in the thickness, width and transparency of the plate. Like this ice. For the production of black tea bottle light boxes, Shanghai Gudebang chose yellow thick acrylic plates. As for the mold, the customer's order. Demand, common are two kinds of wood molds and aluminum molds, the number of customer orders is generally, in consideration of cost control will recommend the use of wood molds;


Larger orders will suggest the use of aluminum molds. When these are properly prepared, the next step is to get everyone to pull them to the semi-automatic blister machine set In preparation, the whole is blister-molded, blister-blown with two face caps, and then assembled and spliced. Depending on the installation site and method, where the wires come out Not the same, usually at the bottom. After the splicing is completed, the surface is patterned. This is the whole process of plastic processing of a bottle light box.