3D Illuminated McDonald's Logo Letter Sign

- Jul 03, 2020-

McDonald's (McDonald's) is a large global multinational chain restaurant, founded in 1954 in the United States, the top ten fast food chain brands, the world's famous fast food service group, a certain degree of American lifestyle embodiment, mainly sells hamburgers, as well as French fries, fried chicken, Soda, ice, salad, fruit and other fast foods.

McDonald's (McDonald's) comes from the surnames of the two founders (Richard McDonald, Maurice McDonald). In the long development process, the McDonald's LOGO has undergone many iterations. In 1968, the LOGO became a combination of the iconic "M" and the brand name "McDonald's"; in the 1980s, the LOGO began to use rounded red rectangles background. At that time, McDonald's LOGO has become one of the world's most famous LOGO.

McDonalds LOGO Sign-1

McDonald's LOGO is different from general blister processing products. It is also called abnormity blister. Its blister surface bulges like a sharp drum and has a three-dimensional three-dimensional sense, so it is called a sharp drum blister. McDonald's blister logo is highly technical, and its peculiar shape and innovative characteristics are deeply loved by fashion and avant-garde families.

McDonalds LOGO5-1

The McDonald's LOGO is integrally blister from Bobang Signage Company. The blister bottom plate and logo word, some are equipped with lights under the bottom plate, such as Rosen and the whole family, and some only have lights inside the logo word. The basic structure is also composed of three parts: three-dimensional blister Face, cabinet and LED lights. The three-dimensional blister surface is generally pointed drum-shaped, and the three-dimensional blister surface is engraved with special three-dimensional. Blister processing is made by opening molds, usually three large, medium and small molds, because each store is not necessarily the same size, the plastic mold is superimposed to a certain height and shape, and has a very high process Sex.

McDonalds LOGO Sign3-1

The 3d shape of McDonald's blister LOGO is self-evident, the shape is unique, the fashion leader, the content performance is lasting, the weather resistance, color fixation, and light transmission of acrylic materials have become the top grade in advertising materials, and LED lights Energy saving, environmental protection, high brightness, long life (up to 100,000 hours), stable lighting, close to 0 maintenance.

The McDonald's brand has more than 32,000 fast food restaurants, distributed in 121 countries and regions around the world. It can be said that you can see the McDonald's logo in every corner of the world. There are many kinds of sayings about the meaning of this classic M-shaped logo. 

McDonalds LOGO Sign4-1