3D Mercedes-Benz Automotive Signage Car Logo Process

- Jan 08, 2020-

     The shape of the three-pointed star-shaped Mercedes-Benz logo is simple, but the manufacturing process of the Mercedes-Benz logo is not simple. It needs to go through a series of processing processes such as blister plating and installing lamps. The following explains in detail the production of 3D plastic Mercedes-Benz logo.


       Mercedes-Benz said that it is a world-renowned car brand. I am sure everyone has seen such a well-known brand. As you can see, the overall shape of the Mercedes-Benz logo is a three-pointed star emblem, which means three-dimensional mechanization of landing, water and air. For the production of Mercedes-Benz logos, the raw materials generally selected on the market are acrylic sheets with crystal-like transparency. Because the material has a light transmittance of more than 92%, after its built-in LED light source, the entire Mercedes-Benz logo is illuminated at night, transparent and bright, and the effect is very good. Another reason is that because the Mercedes-Benz logo requires a 3D,  3D effect, it is necessary to use a plastic molding process when making the Mercedes-Benz logo. The effect of forming a three-dimensional logo is obvious.Large-scale blister blistering generally uses semi-automatic blistering equipment. The production of the Mercedes-Benz logo is made by a semi-automatic plastic molding machine. 

       The basic principle is to pull the rolled acrylic sheet into the electric furnace oven of the plastic molding machine to heat it. The general temperature is 230 degrees Celsius. The heating is about five minutes. Reached a softened state. Take the heat and then pull it over the Mercedes-Benz logo mold. Move the mold up and evacuate. Adsorb the softened acrylic sheet to the mold surface and wait for cooling. At the same time, spray the cooling water on the surface of the forming sheet in a mist to harden it. At this point, acrylic sheet has completed the plastic molding of the Mercedes-Benz logo.


      Next, the formed blister logo is cut. The formed Mercedes-Benz logo is automatically pulled to the storage bin. Next, a pneumatic cutter is used to separate the formed and unformed sheet. Then electroplating:The so-called electroplating is to clean, roughen, sensitize, degumming, and other surface treatments of the Benz car logo after blister molding, and then perform nickel plating, copper plating, and nickel plating, and finally coat the surface with a dense and high oxidation resistance The strong chromium layer makes the plastic products appear metallic and enhance the beauty. In addition, the acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature resistance, which can make it last three to five years. The surface is processed by vacuum plating, which is of high quality and environmental protection, and uses UV primer imported from Germany to ensure that the coating layer does not crack or peel off for 5 years outdoors.


      Finally, lighting the electroplated car logo: there is still a set of procedures to follow when installing the lamp. The general steps of the general lamp installation process are as follows: determine the location of the illuminated car logo, and determine the installation method according to the actual situation of the illuminated car logo.

       Measurement size: According to the actual size of the position of the mounting hole on the back of the acrylic blister light box, determine the fixing point for installing the acrylic blister light box. Divided into the following situations: general cement wall or brick wall, first use an impact drill to drill holes, and then use expansion screws to fix. 

       For walls made of aluminum-plastic board, wood plate, iron plate, etc., they can be fixed directly with screws. For the light-emitting vehicle logo that needs to be hoisted or suspended, after selecting the installation position, determine the fixing point of the light-emitting vehicle logo according to the actual size of the mounting hole position of the light-emitting vehicle logo, then install the hanger and connect the ground wire. For wall, tile, marble, glass, etc., you can use a glass drill to drill through the surface 

first, then drill the expansion screw hole, and then fix the illuminated car logo.

       Wiring: The exit end of the light-emitting car standard power cord is on the back. If the power supply of the acrylic blister light box is on the back of the acrylic blister light box, you can cut off the plug of the power cord, connect it directly, and tie the power connector with a special insulated sleeve. tight. If the power supply is outside the position where the light-emitting vehicle logo is installed, the outlet of the light-emitting vehicle logo power supply can be connected to the edge of the light-emitting vehicle logo, and then a three-phase plug is inserted into the power socket provided. Fix the illuminated car logo: Open the cover of the light box and install it at the fixed point. Power on and test the light, and clean the surface of the illuminated car logo.