About GS25---A Convenience Store In Korean

- Apr 03, 2019-

GS25 is a Korean chain convenience store founded in 1990 and is currently one of GS Retail's brands. As of the end of 2018, the GS25 has 13,177 stores across South Korea and is one of the top five convenience stores in Korea. The biggest competitor of the GS25 is CU (the largest convenience store brand in Korea), followed by 7-11.


Recently, GS Retail registered the new logo of GS25 in the Trademark and Patent Office. The new logo will be replaced in South Korea in the near future.


According to the understanding, this is the second time since the brand was changed from “LG25” to “GS25” (the brand name changed from LG25 to GS25 after the separation of LG Group and GS Group). The purpose is to enhance its popularity with a brand new brand image and accelerate competition with CU, Korea's largest convenience store.

The new logo continues to be based on the text "GS25" and will be removed from the 14-year-old orange main color, introducing a sky blue as a new color scheme. In addition, the original slogan: “Friendly, Fresh, and Interesting” will be replaced by “Lifestyle platform”, which will transform the existing convenience store image into a living platform that provides courier services and financial services.