Accor Launched Of “Loyalty Program ALL”

- Mar 26, 2019-

Founded in 1967, the Accor Group is a large French multinational company. Its Accor hotel has almost become the dominant hotel in Europe, and it also operates more than 4,200 hotels in nearly 100 countries, covering the most luxurious hotels to the most economical hostels. As early as four years ago, the group announced its name change to Accor Hotels, and redesigned the brand LOGO.


Over the past year or so, Accor Hotels has continued to transform into an important strategic strategy for light assets. After the acquisition of 25hours, Mantra, FRHI, SBE and many other hotel groups, it launched a new lifestyle “Accor Live Limitless” in March this year, which will provide diversified and high-end services with the intention of creating a New species covering global travel and local life.


It is worth noting that Accor has upgraded its brand image at the same time as the launch of “Loyalty Program ALL”. This is also the second time since 2015, to rebrand the brand to express Accor is not just a hotel brand.