Acrylic Vacuum Blister Shopfront Letter Light Box

- Oct 13, 2020-

There are many acrylic vacuum blister advertising light boxes generally formed by wooden molding of acrylic panels, then combined with a base, etc., and then LED lights or high-pressure lights are placed inside. The first principle is to make the flat plastic the raw material is heated and softened, and it is adsorbed by vacuum on the surface of the mold and cooled and formed. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other operations.


Acrylic blister light box production, blister characters, document processing: planning the documents can reduce the amount of production work, general blister characters should be paid attention to: the space between the strokes and strokes The gap should be more than four millimeters or wider. If the gap is too small, there will be no inner or outer mold after the engraving machine knife goes through it. Of course, if the font is small, the mold can be sucked and the blister can be made. Pay attention to and understand the faults between the blister mold and the font of the blister product. You need to master it in order to make beautiful-looking blister characters and light boxes.


Mold making: Use the software to output the repaired text to the engraving machine and then engrave the density board. The blister mold should be smooth and smooth, and the blister word should be made without cutting corners to ensure a Secondary compression molding, reducing loss. As for the combination of large blister word molds, most of the blister word molds are larger than the work table of MDF or engraving machine, so they need to be combined and necessary Achieve precise combination, and choose the combination of fine strokes and strokes as much as possible.


Grinding: nail the mold of the acrylic blister light box and polish it. Take care not to have sharp burrs and corners, so as not to damage the acrylic sheet and other acrylic under the temperature base. After lowering, the palladium of the blister machine is started up, otherwise it will be deformed after being briefly squeezed out. Compression molding of large acrylic light box panels, the blister panel must be flattened after being removed from the mold Put it on the ground, otherwise it will be extremely deformed.


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