Audio Equipment Brand About Grado

- Mar 07, 2019-

Founded in 1953, Grado Labs is a personal audio equipment brand originating in New York, USA. Renowned for its distinctive headphone and stereo pickup design, it has over 48 patented technologies. Products include headphones, earbuds, cartridges, etc., but earphones and earbuds are best known.


Recently, Grado Labs introduced a new logo and packaging designed by Brooklyn design agency High Tide. Inspired by the minimalist design of the headset itself, the new LOGO is designed and optimized based on the fonts of ITC Avant Garde Gothic (designed by font designer Bob Farber in 1971), giving a more modern look.


In addition, High Tide has created a new product package for Grado, a series of icons and a new responsive website developed in partnership with Alright Studio.