Bobang Manufacture 3D Nissan Car Logo Process

- Dec 20, 2019-

      Nissan Motor Corporation is Japan's second largest automaker and one of the world's top ten automotive companies. Since its establishment, Nissan Motor Corporation has produced and 

sold more than 100 million vehicles worldwide.


The production process of 3D Nissan plastic car logo is from Goodbong Signage.


     Panel technology: Beige ABS board is used for plastic blister. The plastic height is made according to the size of the mold. The text on the surface is hollow. The back is filled with a light acrylic board. There must be no water ripples around the blister in place.


     Electroplating process: Plastic blistering takes the new factory electroplating. The exterior of Nissan 3D plastic car logo is opaque. The surface of the electroplating should be high, and there should be no garbage, yellowish, flowing oil, or color. Base plate requirements: aluminum plate bending parts, four corner aluminum should be installed around the back, and the aluminum plate is equipped with LED white lights.


     Packaging requirements: electroplated products must be packaged with copy paper, then secondary packaging with pearl cotton, and finally three packagings with bubble paper. The Nissan three-dimensional plastic car logo is packed in a wooden box, with export standards.  It is easy to enter the warehouse with a certain height of pallets. The smaller the volume, the better the product is guaranteed.