Building Roof Blister Acrylic Large Channel Letters

- Jul 13, 2020-

Throughout the modernization of new buildings, especially the appearance of high-rise buildings, are a combination of creativity and advertising. Commonly seen are large luminous characters on the roof, large luminous characters on the outer wall of the building, and luminous characters on the external image of the enterprise. There are various forms of production, including LED luminous characters, plastic luminous characters, acrylic luminous characters, resin luminous characters, stainless steel luminous characters, aluminum plate lacquer characters, whole body luminous characters, etc.


Product name

Outdoor building roof blister luminous character




ABS/PMMA/Acrylic/PS/PVC etc 


vacuum forming, CNC cut, screen printing, color painting


Durable and safety for use, Eco-friendly 


depend on your drawing 


Modern fashion appearance

Good quality and competitive price 



Payment term

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, etc 

Sample time 

5-10 working day 

Relevant items 

All kind of vacuum forming plastic light box 

Our advantage 

1. Large scale produce line, more rapid delivery

2. Supporting deep processing, the kinds of products are more rich

3. advance equipment, the quality are perfect

4. Professional factory, services are more circumspect 

Application fields 

shopping malls, hotels, parks, buildings, 

chain stores, etc 


anti-oxidation meterial filer, wooden box


3-5 years outside, waterproof anti-corrosion


Stainless steel channel letters: very uniform luminous, strong three-dimensional sense, bright surface, environmental protection and hygiene, small and exquisite, strong adaptability, high efficiency and energy saving, suitable for facades and commercial areas.

Metal paint luminous characters: can be divided into two types of paint. Low temperature paint and high temperature paint. High temperature baking paint, also known as Teflon, this coating is a unique high-performance coating, which combines heat resistance, chemical inertness and excellent insulation stability and low friction. The surface style of the metal paint is the same as that of the stainless steel luminous characters, except that the life of the stainless steel luminous characters is longer. However, its cost is low, especially for large luminous characters, you can consider choosing tinplate luminous characters.

Vacuum forming channel letters: shine through the transparent mask, the whole is evenly illuminated, and the light transmission is soft. The font is full and round, the colors are bright and eye-catching without losing softness, and the 3d sense is strong. Suitable for closer distances and commercial areas.


Through the above-mentioned several commonly used building luminous character materials, I believe you have a similar understanding of our products. Please choose the right material according to the place you operate.

       The advertising of the building's luminous characters is quite outstanding and unique in the current publicity. Its appearance is smooth like silk, bright and clean, as bright as crystal, and radiant. In terms of texture and level, it is as moist and elegant as pearls, and it looks different.