Changan Automobile 4S Shop Acrylic Car Logo

- Oct 18, 2019-



1. Product Name: Changan Automobile Logo

2. Material: ABS, PV, PVC, acrylic, etc.

3. Life Span: 3-5 years

4. Application: 4S shop, car exhibition, etc.

Our Advantage:

1. Our raw materials:

For many years, for the selection of raw materials, whether it is ABS, PMMA, PC, PETG sheet, etc., we have always used domestic and foreign * well-known brand plates or directly imported from Japan, South Korea, Germany and other countries. However, no matter what kind of plate is used, we must carry out strict quality inspection before entering the factory. All the raw materials of the plate must be smooth, clean and flat, uniform in thickness and free from deformation; uniform color and no color difference; straight cut, no crack, no Scars; no bumps, no bubbles; must meet the supplier's drawing requirements and tolerance standards; non-toxic products that meet the requirements of national environmental standards.

2. Our mold:

For blister products, we usually use aluminum molds. Our aluminum molds have high precision and small error. The error can be controlled within 0.1mm. The surface is smooth, and the plastic products can be plated internally to make the products coated. Smooth and smooth, no pitting; durable, long service life, suitable for mass production; uniform heat, sharp edges and corners, these advantages, so that our logo can be more accurately displayed.

3. Our plastic equipment:

The use of CNC plastic forming machine can ensure the accuracy of each product; the unique baking property can make the local heat of the plate be locally regulated with the requirements of the product; for the aluminum mold, it has unique controllability and can heat the mold. Cooling, constant temperature, shorten product set-up time, speed up production capacity and greatly improve work efficiency.


With the rapid development of the advertising industry today, Changan Automobile 4s shop logo, three-dimensional plastic advertising signs ------ to the acrylic plastic advertising signs and presents a new vitality! In order to let everyone know more about the process of plastic car logo, I will introduce it to you!

The first step of Changan Automobile 4s shop car standard mold production Acrylic sheet through vacuum positioning, suction molding. Even if the same word, different sizes require different molds, and the mold production requires high precision and high quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold itself is directly related to the quality of the acrylic three-dimensional blister mark, and the mold production has a high level of technology, it requires experienced technicians.

The second step of Changan Automobile 4s shop car standard forming post-production acrylic plastic material is basically formed, but also through milling, boring, grinding, filming, art and other several processes, * after the light box laying LED energy-saving light source, After the paint is painted, the prototype of a three-dimensional plastic light box is basically completed.

The third step Changan Automobile 4s shop car logo screen processing according to the different needs of customers, through the screen printing directly transfer the picture onto the acrylic sheet, after vacuum vacuum forming, in which the image in the picture, can be Blistering creates a body effect to achieve better advertising results. At the same time, you can also do new technologies such as filming, surface vacuum coating, and new technology! Achieve higher customer demand! !