Citroen DS Automotive Car Logo Process By Bobang Manufacturer

- Nov 25, 2020-

In automobile exhibitions, the doorfront car logo is one of the most direct ways to present information to people. At the same time, the quality of the production of car logos is directly related to the image of the car brand. under This article introduces the entire production process of the Citroen DS car logo.

Citroen DS-1

The production of the Citroen car logo is not as simple as it seems on the surface. It needs to be processed through dozens of processes. Car logo production requires certain. The material basis. There are several necessary foundations for the production of Citroen car logos: production materials. Blister mold. Blister equipment. Among them, this automobile exhibition, due to customers Backlighting is required, so this time the Citroen DS car logo is produced using abs plates, and wooden molds are used as molds. The blister equipment is semi-automatic imported from Germany.

Citroen DS1-1

When everything is ready, the furnace will start. The first major process in the production of Citroen DS car logo is plastic processing. The blister processing of the Citroen DS car logo is used.

The semi-automatic blister forming machine heat-softens the prepared abs sheet, so that the softened abs sheet is adsorbed on the surface of the DS car logo mold, and after cooling, a concave-convex shape plastic is formed.

The above is the blister processing in the production of Citroen DS car logo.

Citroen DS2-1

When the car logo is produced by blister molding, the next step is to electroplate it. Of course, the electroplating process also requires some material preparation and corresponding Electroplating processing machine. The so-called electroplating process is essentially the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of certain metals or plastics using the principle of electrolysis. Citroen ,The common electroplating in the production of DS car logo is to vaporize the aluminum electroplating, so that the vaporized aluminum is attached to the ABS plastic surface that needs to be electroplated without film protection.

Citroen DS3-1

The reason why the production and production of automobile logos have such high requirements is to enhance their own publicity effects and attract the attention of customers. And in order to reach to this end, most of the production of car logos will require lighting. The production and production of the Citroen DS car logo also requires back-lighting, so it needs to be illuminated.

Rationale. By the time the process of installing lights has reached the final stage, there is still a set of procedures that need to be followed for the installation of lights. The specific steps of the general lighting process are as follows: Make sure the installation position of the light car logo shall be determined according to the actual situation of the type of light car logo.

Measuring size: According to the actual size of the mounting hole on the back of the acrylic blister light box, determine the fixed point for installing the acrylic blister light box.

Wiring: The outlet end of the luminous car logo power cord is on the back. If the power supply of the acrylic blister light box is on the back of the acrylic blister light box, you can cut off the plug of the power cord and connect directly.

Tighten the power connector with an insulated special sleeve. If the equipped power supply is outside the position where the light-emitting car logo is installed, you can change the outlet line of the light-emitting car logo power supply to the edge of the light-emitting car logo, and then use three insert the phase plug into the power socket provided. Fix the luminous car logo: Open the upper cover of the light box and install it on the fixed point. Power on and test light, clean the surface of the luminous car logo.