Corvette Changed Their New Logo

- May 03, 2019-

Chevrolet Corvette is GM's highest-end muscle sports car brand. The brand was born in 1953 and has been derived from the 7th generation. Not long ago, the details of the Corvette C8 were officially exposed. It is reported that the new generation of mid-engined Corvette C8 sports car will meet with the public for the first time on July 18 this year.


Recently, Chevrolet officially announced the LOGO design of the new generation Corvette C8. Since 1953, Corvette's LOGO has adopted a two-sided banner graphic for the first time. The left flag is a black and white flag, indicating that the car is a sports car participating in the road race, and the flag on the right is printed with the Chevrolet logo and representative victory. Trophy flowers. As the model is updated, its brand LOGO is also undergoing changes.


The new LOGO is more concise than the previous generation. The overall LOGO is changed from silvery white to carbon black. The white plaid in the black and white flag on the left turns gray. The Chevrolet LOGO and trophy flowers on the right are painted in black. Presented at the side.