Process Of Fast Food KFC Chain Store Front Sign

- Nov 20, 2019-

      The famous fast food chain store is McDonald's and KFC. The eye-catching KFC's acrylic fascinating signboard is one of the highlights that must be mentioned. KFC's door front letter sign is the originator of 3D blister signboard. We will introduce you the process of  KFC's shop sign from Shanghai Bobang Signage Co., Ltd.  All our products are customized.


The production of KFC's shop sign is based on the operation of the store. The operator is very careful about the information transmission on the KFC's door sign. Only the information promotion in place can allow customers to order more actively, thus promoting the sales of the store.


     The production of KFC's door signboard usually uses a high-quality light guide plate. The light guide effect of the light guide plate material is very uniform, the energy-saving effect is outstanding, the utilization of light energy is high, and the brightness of the light is also strong; KFC door The signature panel adopts ultra-thin magnetic type, and through the fast magnetic design, the replacement screen is simple and quick, and the display installation method is also very simple, which is very helpful for reducing installation and maintenance costs. At the same time, KFC's door sign adopts a multi-combination mode, which divides a lot of pictures, so that it has a powerful display function. The light box signboard is also convenient when moving, not only can be reused, but also the heat is not high. The light decay is small and the service life is very long.



     When the production process of the KFC's signature plastic molding was completed, the next step was the signing of the KFC door. The power supply used in the KFC light box signboard is a special high-brightness LED light bar. It is not only energy-saving but also environmentally friendly. The LED transformer is also placed inside the LED. The external power plug can directly use the current of 220 volts, and there is also a light box behind the light box. A special corner pendant can be hung on the wall at the right angle when using it. Of course, it can also be installed in a hidden way.