Cute Image About Jingdong Dog

- Aug 13, 2019-

Jingdong Mall is a shopping website mainly in China for the B2C model. It was formerly known as 360buy and was founded by Liu Qiangdong. In 2014, Jingdong Group was listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

“JOY” is the mascot (180china creative team) that Jingdong started with the new LOGO on March 30, 2013. Why does Jingdong choose a metal dog as its mascot? There is a little story here.


It is said that Liu Qiangdong once went to his classmates to see a European-style ceiling lamp in the living room. The whole chandelier is a metal texture with a unique metallic luster. It stands at a certain angle and looks like a metal dog. He shared the idea of the puppy mascot with the high-level of Jingdong, and the puppy has a good meaning of loyalty and friendliness, which is consistent with the idea that the e-commerce hopes to convey. Therefore, the design idea based on the dog is unanimously adopted in Jingdong.


Shanghai Bobang Signage had made this logo and use the bulge shape, the Jingdong dog looks like more cute from two sides.