- Aug 18, 2018-

The CU convenience store is a local brand for convenience stores in Korea in the 21st century. In order to more actively cater to the needs of customers, BGF Retail has continuously improved its business management experience over the past 22 years to form a new convenience store operation model. With the motto "Fresh Goods & Updates Every Day", CU provides the freshest products for every customer every day, insists on customer-centered service, and is committed to being a place where every customer can rest peaceful. Our greatest wish is that every customer can become updated and energized in the CU.


In 2012, convenience store leader of South Korea, FamilyMART, was renamed "CU", and CU is the abbreviation of "CVS FOR YOU". With the English "See You", there is a meaning of "See you again", and also means"Good to see you", "See you again".


On the 4th of this month, CU announced that it will launch a bran-new logo design. The new logo will replace the original more traditional CU logo in the form of a dialog bubble. According to the company's introduction, the new image better expresses the management philosophy of prioritizing communication with customers. At the same time, it also redefines the meaning of brand color, purple: precious, noble; green: fresh, brand new.