Eggshell Symbol Of MTC In Russian

- Jun 28, 2019-

Founded in 1993, MTC Telecom is headquartered in Moscow and is a mobile network operator in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Belarus. As of the end of 2017, MTC has more than 106.5 million users in 4 countries, of which the Russian market share is 31%, with 78.3 million users, becoming the largest mobile network operator in Russia.


On June 24th, MTC updated its brand positioning, including the launch of a new logo slogan “For Better Every Day” and visual image system to reflect the company's transformation in the new market and the strategy of developing digital products.


The new logo releases the original eggshell symbol from the red rounded rectangular background frame and forms a whole with the text mark. In addition, redesigned sans-serif fonts scale, reduce graphics, and make it easier to highlight text in the full logo.