Fat Face Designed New LOGO

- Aug 13, 2018-

Fat Face is a well-known clothing brand in the UK founded in 1988. In 1988, two young Britons made money by selling T-shirts to invest in their ski hobbies, and hit a small clothing store accidentally. At present, Fat Face offers clothing, accessories and footwear for the whole family,  its franchise stores stand in all over London. It is known for its excellent quality and is loved by consumers in the UK, Europe and the world.


With its unique design and typography of LOGO, Fat Face has become a recognizable high street brand. For many years, clothing and accessories retailers have been escaping from their sleek aesthetic definitions and began to pursue a more refined and simple visual appearance. At the end of last month, Fat Face changed its face and replaced it with a set of new look.


The new LOGO is a thick, sans-free uppercase logo that highlights the tilting on the letters "F" and "E". Compared with the long hairpin, the grinning cartoon graphics and the sloppy fonts, the new version loses its unique personality, but at the level of recognition, the new version is more suitable for this era. However, there is no inheritance or transition in the process of the new and old iterations, which has made many consumers unacceptable for a while, and hope that the new image will be welcomed in the US market.