Goodbong Vacuum Blister Acrylic Letters Process

- Mar 11, 2021-

Blister is a kind of plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat the flat plastic hard sheet to soften it, then use vacuum to absorb it on the mold surface, and cool it to form. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries. Blister characters are also a kind of luminous characters, and the surface of the board is usually formed by blister molding of acrylic board, and then combined by the base. LED lights or high-voltage lights are placed inside. The surface craftsmanship can be flat, flat drum, spherical drum, edge drum and other forms. The box material includes iron sheet paint, aluminum profile, stainless steel, titanium, etc., and the literal color can be an inherent color. The board can also be spot color or four-color silk screen.



The material selected for the blister is acrylic sheet. Acrylic is also known as Acrylic, and its chemical name is methyl methacrylate, which is a high-purity plexiglass sheet. The acrylic sheet made from it has high surface finish, strong outdoor UV resistance, and generally high purity The colored acrylic sheet will not fade when placed outdoors for 8-10 years. In the advertising production industry, because of its many advantages, it has become a high-quality advertising material.

Since acrylic sheet was born in the United States in 1942, it has been widely used in all walks of life, and the advertising industry is no exception. It can be said that blister characters are produced due to the advent of acrylic, so blister characters are also called acrylic blister characters.

Since 2005, the application of acrylic blister light box and its development speed are very fast. Among them, "McDonald's" and other store recruitment blister light box applications have played a good role in demonstrating. Sinopec’s gas station’s acrylic blister overall identification system application, and major mobile phone manufacturers’ terminal stores’ blister light boxes are displayed to create good advertisements for manufacturers. At the same time of benefit, it has played a role in promoting the promotion of acrylic blister light box. It can now be seen that the acrylic blister light box has become another bright spot in the advertising production industry after neon lights, inkjet, and engraving.




To press a mold, you must first have a corresponding template, and the engraving template needs to pay attention to some details of drawing processing. Drawing documents generally pay attention to the distance between the strokes of the characters and the strokes. Generally, the distance between the strokes and the strokes must be reserved more than 4mm. If the reservation is too small, there will be no inner mold or outer mold after the knife of the engraving machine goes through it. There is also the "R" angle of those characters. If the angle is too small, the angle should be rounded so that the blister will not bulge or be uneven during the blister process.

2.Engraving of blister board

After the drawing files are processed, we usually use Wentai software to engrave the MDF. The blister mold should generally be smooth and flat to make beautiful blister characters. Don’t cut corners, so as to ensure compression molding. It’s a lot of time, and it’s guaranteed that the acrylic will not be crushed; what is worth mentioning here is the splicing of large blister moulds. Many blister moulds are larger than MDF or engraving machine work surfaces, so only After stitching, the spelling interface must be accurate, and the other is to choose the thin strokes of the words and spells as much as possible.

3.Blister board production

This is the main process difference between the three blister characters. The flat blister character is to add enough height to the original template and then the diamond corners are processed smoothly, which can be blistered by a blister machine. The sharp-drum blister characters are fixed on the iron plate on the original template, so that the shape of the sharp-drum can be extruded when pressing. It is necessary to pay attention to the iron sheet must be fixed, and the sharp-drum blister characters require higher technological requirements. The round blister characters use the blow molding function of the blister machine to form a very uniform spherical shape, making the blister characters full of beauty.


After the blister is formed, the excess acrylic must be trimmed. Now, automatic trimming machines are used, but a good trimming knife must also be used, otherwise it will be easy to trim the edges.


According to the size of blister letters and customer requirements, different materials are used to surround the edges. Generally, blister board, aluminum, iron, etc. can be used.

6.Making the bottom box

The bottom box is determined according to customer requirements. If stainless steel bottom is used, the steel needs to be laser cut and welded.

7.LED Light

Install the lights evenly, consider the wiring, be sure to test the lighting effect, the glass glue must be firm, the wiring treatment must be reasonable and firm; the return line must be connected to prevent the circuit from breaking, and the bottom box must be cleaned before installing the lamp. To prevent the lamp from sticking firmly to the bottom box, check whether the color of the lamp is consistent.