Gulf Oil Open Gas Station In China

- Dec 10, 2019-

    The first Gulf petroleum gas station in China is located in Sanyuanli, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. In fact, many foreign oil company opened gas stations in China. Why can Gulf Oil's gas stations be so eye-catching? This is inseparable from the history of Gulf Oil.


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      They are seven international famous oil companies referring to the dissolution of Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company. They are: New Jersey Standard Oil, New York Standard Oil, California Standard Oil, Texaco, British Persian Petroleum, Shell and Gulf Oil. Among them, New Jersey Standard Oil and New York Standard Oil were merged, which is the famous Eke Semi-Mobil Oil Company.


Gulf, founded in 1901, is one of the oldest and most influential multinational oil companies in the world. Headquartered in London, England, all its lubricants and fuel retail businesses use the "Gulf" A classic century-old brand.

1901: The world's first high-yield well was successfully drilled in Deltop, Pittsburgh, USA, and Gulf Oil was born.

1913: Gulf Oil established the world's first drive-in gas station for cars, pioneering the current business model of almost all gas stations in the world.

1918: Gulf Oil put clean oil into plastic barrels for sale, which once again changed the oil consumption pattern.

1926: Gulf Oil successfully entered the European market with its high-quality Gulf Gulf engine oil.


      After continuous consolidation and development, the Gulf deserves to become one of the "Seven Sisters of World Oil", a multinational oil company with markets all over the world. Since 1964, Gulf Oil has sponsored Ford, Porsche, Audi, McLaren, Aston Martin Team, and signed with Aston Martin Team as a strategic partner for 7 consecutive years, winning numerous track championships. The oil-sponsored race car sponsored by Yanhai Bay is dressed in orange and blue. It has repeatedly won championships. It has also become a classic racing color in the eyes of fans. It has earned the reputation of "Global reputation and endurance".


      As an old oil giant, why did the Gulf recently open the first gas station in the country? Are foreign gas stations open today?  No, I believe many people have seen Shell gas stations. Chinese gas stations have long been open to foreign investment. The famous oil giant Shell has started to build gas stations in China since the late 1990s, but foreign gas stations It has developed rapidly in China. Mid 2001 After China's entry into the WTO, there is a clear agreement on the establishment of domestic gas stations by foreign capital. In order to provide a buffer period for the development of China's refined oil market, foreign oil companies cannot hold shares when they invest in more than 30 domestic fuel tanks, and the Ministry of Commerce must review and approve.  

      But even so, international oil giants still fancy the big piece of fat in the Chinese oil market, including Shell, BP, Total and Exxon Mobil Corporation. One after another came to China to invest and operate gas stations. 

     As of the end of 2017, Shell accounted for the largest number of domestic overseas brand gas stations, reaching more than 1,200; BP followed, with about 700, concentrated in the southern region; ExxonMobil also had about 700; and recently, With the announcement of the formal cancellation of restrictions on the number of foreign-invested gas stations in more than 30 countries that require Chinese control, the downstream links in China's petroleum sector have gradually opened up, and Gulf Oil has also seized the opportunity to take the lead in Guangzhou, which has a strong domestic vehicle culture.