Home Plus Launched New LOGO

- Nov 06, 2018-

Home Plus is a supermarket chain under samsung of South Korea. In South Korea, Home Plus is neck and neck with "easy buy supermarket" and "lotte supermarket" , known as " three big supermarket chains in South Korea". It is a warehouse selling form, to provide lower price. Such a large discount supermarket, not only have many different kinds of goods , and the price is cheap, thus it is daily life shopping, essential shopping places for Korean.


On November 1, Home Plus launched a new brand LOGO design, it is the  the first time that Home Plus changed own brand LOGO since it set up for 21 years . New LOGO kept the brand color of red about HomePlus, removed the lines under "Homeplus", and added two elliptical "+" graphic on the right side of the name.


New image will be divided into two forms of application, online sites will be a greater use of bran-new LOGO, while offline mainly presented in what way text and images work together.

Homeplus said that, in order to be able to keep up with changing customer consumption patterns and sales environment, the use of the new image will better to deploy and expand strategy of online and offline. Starting from this month, there will be a new brand identity LOGO applied to many kinds of business including Homeplus, Special, Express, 365 Plus, Cultural Center and Montblanc.