Honda Automotive Signage Car Logo Electroplating Process

- Dec 10, 2020-

As early as a thousand years ago, people often align metal on the surface of non-metallic materials for decoration or use this to save precious metals. Cover the wood surface with a layer of metal, In this sense, this is the formation of the most primitive electroplating idea, and the production of non-metal electroplating technology is actually this Especially after plastics have been developed and widely used, electroplating on plastics and other materials has always been the surface technician. An important subject that the staff are working hard to develop.


The so-called electroplating process is also called the electrocrystallization process. Its principle is that electric energy is used as a power to carry out an electrochemical reaction and continuously provide electricity to the cathode to reduce metal ions. Therefore, the products to be plated generally must have the ability to conduct electricity. Generally speaking, non-conductive objects cannot be electroplated. Non-metal (that is, non-conductor) because it is not feasible. Electrical conductivity, can not directly use electroplating technology for electroplating processing.


However, through the advancement of technology and human wisdom, we have achieved electroplating processing on non-metallic objects. The surface of the standard non-metallic material is electroplated silver.

Obviously, according to the principle of electroplating, as long as the non-metallic surface is made conductive, it is completely possible to conduct vacuum plating on the non-metallic surface of the Honda ABS car logo with conductive surface.


The electroplating process of Honda's non-metallic car logo is as follows:

Surface pretreatment (whole surface)->cleaning->degreasing->cleaning->neutralization->cleaning->chemical roughening->cleaning->sensitization->cleaning->distilled water washing->Activation->Cleaning->Chemical plating->Cleaning->Plating.


Goodbong is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Honda ABS logos. For many years, it has been focusing on the surface electroplating processing of various plastic parts. Over the past few decades, we have accumulated a wealth of Experience and own unique treatment plan. While externally verifying the appearance of the product, it also ensures that the product is based on the surface process treatment, which greatly improves the substitution of the product. Therefore, it is also recognized by customers.


After the Honda car logo is electroplated, the surface of the product is required to be smooth, and it can be used outdoors to compress the effect of good waterproof and dustproof. Moreover, the electroplated Honda car logo improves the product. The aesthetics also improves the substitution of products.