How To Avoid Deformation

- Aug 16, 2019-

Outdoor car logo advertising is a typical example of the advertising facilities of automobile 4S shops. It is not only the development media of the advertising industry, but also an important part of the urban environment. Some basic vacuum coating vehicle standard maintenance knowledge must be understood by every car dealer, such as how to avoid deformation during the use of vacuum coating car logo?

ourdoor car sign (2)

We should be clear about the materials used in the vacuum coating of the car, in order to understand which materials are prone to aging deformation. Generally speaking, the vacuum forming car logo is mainly made of a panel, a frame, a film, an inner page, a lamp tube , what's more,  the panel, the film and the inner page are relatively easy to age and deform  in outdoor .

In order to achieve a good publicity effect, the vacuum coating vehicle standard is generally covered with a film. If the quality of the film is not very good, in the case of long-term wind and sun, it is easy to appear fading and deformation, which seriously affects the publicity . It is noticed that you should not use those very cheap films and easy to fade . You must use those brand films that can be preserved for a long time. Otherwise, the maintenance cost should be high, which will result in higher maintenance costs.


Panel material. Most of the car standard panels are made of acrylic materials. There are two kinds of materials, one is new material, the anti-aging ability is relatively strong, and the other is the old material for recycling and reuse. The anti-aging ability is weak, if you want If the car logo remains undistorted for a long time, you must use the new material.