How To Produce Hyundai Car Logo Letter Signs

- Oct 23, 2019-

       The large 3D plastic-plated car logo is visually stunning, especially at night, and the 3D car logo is slightly illuminated, which gives a thick veil to the culture behind the car. The following is the production process of Hyundai Illuminated car logo and English name.


       The Hyundai Illuminated logo manufacturing process is: firstly, the existing surface cover aluminum mold is used, and the bottom cover mould is newly opened. The cover of the Hyundai Illuminated vehicle logo is transparent acrylic plastic, and the inner plating is transparent, and the total height after trimming is one meter. Left and right, the bottom cover ABS plate is plastic, the surface is sprayed, and the uniform light plate is white acrylic engraving. The light of the whiteboard must be transparent, not yellow, the surface of the silk screen shadow film, side PVC board engraving. High-gloss waterproof LED light source with external transformer.


    The China Bobang process of the English part of the Hyundai car standard: English H, Y, U and other letters, the new electric wood mold, the specific process and the Illuminated LOGO production is exactly the same, and the production is fine, exquisite workmanship, polished and bright. 


The Hyundai Illuminated car logo and the English name car logo have been fully embodied in the Automotive 4S shop. As a new type of car standard product, the new technology and new ideas contained in the outdoor car standard are the objects that many users prefer. From the user's point of view, economic, practical, and energy-saving is the last word used in the 4S shop logo. I believe that the Bobang logo is an ideal choice for everyone.