Indra Use New LOGO

- Jun 14, 2018-

Indra is a Spanish information technology and defense system of multinational companies , founded in 1993, the name "Indra" come from Hindu deities Indra. It specializes in transportation, national defense, energy and telecommunications services. A large part of its income from the international market is mainly focused on Europe and the United States. At present, Indra also has depth cooperation with domestic companies .

A few weeks ago, Brand For had designed a complete set of brand image for Indra which is a design company from Madrid. It is the first change since Indra announced to establish brand positioning structure and business orientation. Bran-new image will reflect the development of the company, that is, "respecting for its heritage and betting on a clear market differentiation, to strengthen the enterprise's business power".


The new LOGO abandoned the longer use of graphical portion, retained the original font structure, introduced new "amazon blue" as the mass-tone attune of the enterprise, delivered the reliability of the relay brand and leadership. At the same time, remove the graphics, strengthen the logo, contribute to the brand more mature and unified of enterprise in the international market.

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