Innisfree In Chinese Market

- Nov 14, 2018-

Innisfree was founded in Korea in 2000 and is a brand of the Amore Pacific Group, a well-known cosmetics group in Korea. In 2004, innisfree enter into the Chinese market from department store counter channels. In 2006, he decided to withdraw from the Chinese market. Six years later, innisfree announced it would enter into the Chinese market again in 2012. Since 2012, innisfree has kept a fast speed with opening , have opened more than 400 direct stores in nearly 60 cities in the Mainland.


At the end of last month, innisfree announced that it will launch a new brand LOGO on November 1st. The new LOGO will no longer use the complex “natural bowl” symbol, instead of a simple word mark, the design style of the font makes the brand full of sincere commitment. In addition, the bran-new brand retains the original “innisfree green”, which is derived from the dark green of Jeju Forest, is full of natural vitality and represents the effort of innisfree to convey the beauty of nature.


It is reported that the updating of brand hopes to enable more people including consumer groups in the younger generation to know and understand the brand intuitively. The new brand LOGO has been officially launched in various regions of the website, brand advertising, customer communication and product design. In China, innisfree's first new retail concept store in Hangzhou Lixing Famous Brand Plaza will take the lead in launching the new LOGO this month.

Innisfree introduced, "new LOGO of innisfree! Pass the beauty of nature. With a new LOGO, we will be more confident and strong, and at the same time demonstrate our determination to green and green life, will continue to expand the green design with the grace of nature. Hope each Fans can feel the new innisfree and continue to support us."