Introduction Of Citroen Car Logo Technology

- May 11, 2020-

Citroen car logo must first be formed by blister molding with materials. The general materials are pmma (acrylic), ABS, PVC, PC board, PETG board, etc., the production of Citroen car logo materials is not introduced here one by one. Citroen acrylic car The most critical process after the standard is formed is grinding and polishing. Below we will briefly introduce the Citroen acrylic car standard grinding and polishing process.


In general, we can complete the processing of the Citroen acrylic car logo by plasma cutting, wire cutting, laser cutting and other one-time cutting molding technology. In the process of making our Citroen car logo, the length of the surrounding contour is very important for the Citroen car logo. The technical content of this process is still very high, it must have many years of operating equipment and development experience.



Then we all weld the metal enclosure and metal envelope of the car logo by tin welding, argon arc welding or spot welding. In general, the effect of spot welding is the most beautiful, and hurry up. Of course, spot welding technology must also be required. Only our skilled teachers in Goodbang can do it.



The last process is the grinding and deburring treatment after welding, the purpose is to increase the brightness and three-dimensional sense of the Citroen metal car logo, we generally have to be very professional polishing.