Lamborghini Automotive Car Logo Dealership Sign

- Mar 25, 2020-


     Lamborghini car logo is composed of a gold-framed siege shield and a golden bullfight from Mercedes-Benz, especially at night, uniquely glowing Angle, so that the realism of this bull makes me feel like he wants to rush out after looking at him for three seconds each time. I want to make such a flexible and flexible product.

    The 3D Lamborghini light-emitting logo needs to go through more than a dozen complicated and tedious procedures. Today I will introduce it to everyone. Unlike other three-dimensional car logos, Lamborghini's illuminated car logo panels are not made of plastic, but are blown from transparent acrylic. Protective film should be applied when spraying golden paint on the vertical side. 


    During the spraying process, employees must wear antistatic dust-free clothes and active carbon masks. And put on a dust-free hat and then enter the spraying room. Spraying is performed by electrostatic spraying.  The shape of the cow in the body of the Lamborghini light-emitting logo is a transparent acrylic sheet after silk screen blistering. The English letter "LAMBORGHINI" is transparent. Acrylic CNC engraved and polished is electroplated golden and requires light transmission. 

    When engraving, pay attention not to connect English letters together. For surface vacuum coating 

Processing, by professional and technical personnel relying on the technology of many years of plating process, according to the different needs of customers to customize the surface of different plating effects, one The general plating colors are divided into rose gold, gold, and copper colors. Goodbond only plated the effect of pure colors, and the colorful effect colors cannot be plated. Generally customers will require more silver plating.


      In the middle of the Lamborghini LOGO, it is hollowed out with black acrylic blister, and then the cow and the English letters are glued together. Lamborghini The illuminated car standard is equipped with a waterproof LED lamp with a transformer, an ABS board blow-molded bottom case, a silver-gray paint spray, and a transparent plate blow-molded intermediate partition.


     Bobang's customized Lamborghini illuminated car logo has a clear division of labor, and customized products are completely customized according to customer requirements. A serious attitude is very important for the logistics packaging and logistics methods after the product is manufactured. Product, so that the degree of product deformation and damage during transportation is greatly reduced.