Lenovo Logo Transformed Into Love On

- Jul 08, 2018-

Lenovo once announced a new LOGO which launched based on the "Lenovo" transformation - "Love on". This bran-new LOGO will be applied to Lenovo's global offices, online stores and intranets from that day. But don't worry, it only exists for 24 hours.


Originally, Lenovo officially established a charitable organization "Lenovo Foundation" at that day. According to the official introduction, the Foundation will give more powerful feedback to the society through volunteer service, product donation, and cooperation with relevant organizations and financial support. Lenovo will invest $1 million to support this meaningful work.


In order to celebrate this moment, Lenovo decided to make a change to its own brand LOGO, and changed the order of the six letters of “Lenovo” and turned it into “Love on”. This love-changing “transformation” will Lasts for 24 hours.