Little Caesars Launched New Logo

- Sep 23, 2018-

Little Caesars was founded in 1959 by Mike and Marian llitch in the suburbs of Detroit, USA. It has become the world's largest take-away pizza chain, the third largest pizza chain in the US (after Pizza Hut and Domino). With stores in 20 countries and regions around the world, the brand enjoys a worldwide reputation.


Little Caesars has always provided customers with affordable pizza. The quality of the products and the evaluation of the customers are the core values of Little Caesars. In addition, the core values of Little Caesars include passion, fun, commitment and love. These spirits are also reflected in Little Caesars' advertising and marketing campaigns, which have been kept in mind for decades, Pizza! Pizza! It is the iconic slogan.


Recently, Little Caesars has quietly replaced the bran-new brand image with optimized design. The new logo simplifies the cute primitive image, redraws the shape of the branches of the hands and heads, removes the chest hairs, and removes the black border with a sense of restraint. The lines are more slender and smooth, making the objects more complete and vivid.

The text part retains the original classic serif, deletes the black stroke of the font , make the font thinner and leaving more space. Changed the text color from orange to black.