Lotu’s Logo Entered The Era Of Flatness

- Aug 09, 2019-

Lotus Cars (formerly translated as "Lotus Car") was founded in 1952 as a British sports car and racing manufacturer. The company is known for designing and manufacturing epoch-making racing cars and producing cars that are extremely lightweight and feature legendary handling. In 1996, Lotus was acquired by Malaysian automaker Proton. In 2017, Chinese automaker Geely acquired a 51% stake in Lotus and a 49.9% stake in its parent company, Proton.

At the meantime, Lotus has adjusted its brand LOGO for the first time after 9 years.

The new LOGO retains the classic yellow-green color scheme and the "CABC" four-letter graphic element, removing the metallic texture strokes and projection effects, and presenting them in a flat form. This is another well-known car manufacturer in which the major automobile brands have entered the era of flatness in recent years.


In terms of detail, the superimposed letters "CABC" and "LOTUS" were replaced by the previous serif to a more modern sans serif font. The pattern formed by the new font overlay is more compact and more standardized than before. In addition, the arc become straight about the new version of the "LOTUS" text that depends on the green background frame, placed on a centered horizontal line.