Malta’s Travel LOGO

- Oct 19, 2018-

The Republic of Malta (Malta) is a miniature island country located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Malta is made up of several islands such as the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. The climate is mild and the seasons are evergreen, known as the European Back Garden. And it is known as the "most beautiful island country in the Mediterranean center."


Earlier this year, Malta Tourism invited Oliver (a design agency)to design a new travel LOGO for its design team in Dublin, Ireland. Compared with the original relatively simple old image, the information conveyed by the new image will be more clear and clear.


The new LOGO is based on the “Malta Cross” (a symbol used by the Knights of the Hospital and the Knights of Malta, shaped by four“V”characters) and arranged the same“V”in four arrows.

The color is inspired by the unique fishing boat in Malta, Luzzu, which extracts red, yellow, blue and green colors from these colorful traditional fishing boats and applies them to four “V” arrows. These four colors also represent the sun, sand, ocean and land.

The four V-shaped arrows unite down and merge into three points, each points representing a inhabited islands of Malta's Gozo, Malta and Comino. The red "V" in the center is also specially placed with a white "Malta cross", red and white are the national flag colors of Malta, and the central position represents Malta's location in the center of the Mediterranean. When these elements flow down and combine visually, they express the life and beautiful scenery that people gather to enjoy the islands.