More Energetic Design Of Corus’ Logo

- Aug 14, 2019-

Founded in 1999, Corus is a well-known media and entertainment company based in Canada and is headquartered on the shores of Lake Ontario. Corus' business scope covers radio, television, record, web, animation production and children's publications. Corus has a number of TV stations, 39 radio stations and a number of well-known children's animation brands, which have a deep influence in Canada. Earlier this year, Corus invested $2.65 billion to acquire Shaw Communications. This means that Corus will become Canada's largest media entertainment company.


It is reported that the new image is designed by Los Angeles animation design company Troika. Troika has designed a comprehensive package for Corus from the website, promotion, and guide system. The new image is mainly text, and the simple and modern sans serif font makes the whole image look young and energetic. This is the biggest image upgrade since Corus acquired Shaw Media. According to Corus related person in charge, the brand image is brand new. It is a new beginning for Corus, and the two media companies will work together to create a powerful content display platform.