New Style Volkswagen Automotive Signage

- Dec 16, 2019-

      Volkswagen car is famous all over the world. Volkswagen can be seen in the streets and alleys. So far, Volkswagen has changed its logo for a long time. So the best new designed Volkswagen LOGO look like below.


 Volkswagen entered China in the 1980s. At that time, China's automobile industry was very weak. It required technology without technology and talents without talents. Relevant departments had to use imported methods to promote the development of the automobile industry. I got SAIC and FAW, and then one Out of control, 80% of the Chinese market today are Volkswagen cars. German Volkswagen Group has begun to use the new Volkswagen LOGO in public media publicity documents, opening a new era for Volkswagen.


 Only when there is contrast can there be discrimination. Nowadays, the 3D three-dimensional effect of the public logo has been replaced by a flat new public logo. Under the refresh, it exudes a simple and lively taste. Looking back at April 2018, Volkswagen executives announced in Berlin: Volkswagen will release a new LOGO in 2019.A new public image. So far, Volkswagen has quietly used the new flat LOGO in the digital media environment and has begun to gradually introduce it.


    So far, the Volkswagen LOGO has undergone a total of 12 evolutions, much the same, most of the time just to change the color. Before 1967, black logos were used, and then blue tones were used; for the next 32 years, they were all flat styles. In recent days, 3D stereo effect designs have been incorporated, and they continue to this day. Feng Shui turns in turn, and then returns to flattening.


    Regarding the production of Volkswagen LOGO logos, the professional production of automotive logos is made of high-quality acrylic or ABS sheet materials through vacuum positioning and suction molding by a CNC plastic molding machine. The high precision aluminum mold can ensure the accuracy of each product . After the Volkswagen screen printing luminous logo is basically formed,It needs to go through several processes such as milling, engraving, grinding, filming, art, etc. Finally, the LED energy-saving light source is built in the car logo, built-in waterproof LED, equipped with waterproof transformer, and the prototype of a three-dimensional car logo is basically completed after baking.

     Shanghai Bobang customized all kinds of car logos, outdoor billboards, acrylic blister, LED light boxes, and cooperated with many 4S stores to customize various car logos, billboards, stands, pillars, promotional signs, signage signs, etc. , Professional production of large-scale plastic, special-shaped plastic, luminous characters.