One Planet,One Health

- Mar 06, 2018-

Group Danone,a paris-based multinational food company,operates in more than 130 markets.Danone owns many famous international brands,such as Actimel,Alpro,Danette,Danio,and locial brand,such as Aqua,Bonafont,Horizon Organic,Vega.

On June  22,Danone released new brand logo to reflect its philosophy that human health is closely linked to the health of the planet.The little boy,who is looking up at the stars,speak of the endless fate of Danone and the earth and health.The enterprise slogan”one planet,one health”calls for the general consumers and the parties involved in the food industry engaged in the revolution of diet and health,to cultivate a healthier and more sustainable diet.

One planet,One health.png

When the logo was released,then Danone should make it in kind.Danone cooperated with Bobang,which is specializing in letter logo sign,light box,signboard and front door logo. Bobang Signage has enough experiences and has coorperated with KFC,Starbucks Coffee,McDonald’s,DQ and so on.Then Goodbong will introduce some details of DQ light box making:

1.Making suitable mould and letter;

2.Pad pasting the logo in the acrylic;

3.Vacuum forming the acrylic in light box surface;

4.Inner LED installation and fixed;

5.304 stainless steel framework;

6.Accessories:screw pins,AC transformer.