Ozon ReinventingThe Brand Image

- May 09, 2019-

Ozon was founded in 1998 by Russian software company Reksoft and is Russia's largest online retail platform. Ozon is similar to Amazon, and its main business is selling books, electronics, music and movies. At first, it was self-employed. In recent years, it has turned to cross-border e-commerce and third-party platforms. Ozon is Russia's largest e-commerce company, both in terms of consumer preference and actual sales.


Since last month, Ozon will fully upgrade its current brand, including the launch of a new brand LOGO, and the current LOGO will be launched in 2014.


The new LOGO removes Ozu.ru's domain suffix .ru, leaving only the Ozon part. The redesigned font deliberately stretched the second letter "O" to form an elliptical blue circle, expressing Ozon's unconventionality and creating a different new product and user experience. At the same time, the stretched “O” makes the entire word mark flexible and flexible, emphasizing the e-commerce platform to provide consumers with flexible and diversified products, categories and services.