PizzaUP Designed New Logo

- Jan 10, 2019-

PizzaUP is a pizza brand founded in October 2017 by SPC Group, Korea's largest food chain group. PizzaUP combines fresh, authentic Italian ingredients to create highly customizable handmade pizzas in just 90 seconds, from cake to ingredients.


Not long ago, the well-known design agency Pentagram created a new brand image for PizzaUP, including brand naming, restaurant design, information systems and packaging design, highlighting its unique food supply features in a brisk and modern way. PizzaUP consists of two parts, "Pizza" and "UP". In addition to "UP" as the acronym for "unique", UP is also a call to action. It is up, up, and lifted, such as drink-up, pick-up, and eat-up.


The new LOGO looks very succinct, placing bold fonts on a series of horizontal lines to express speed, while “UP” is superimposed on the right side of “Pizza”, turning it into a separate visual language that helps to consolidate Brand.