Plug And Lightning

- Dec 04, 2018-

Eldorado was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Moscow. Currently, more than 600 stores are opened in 200 cities across Russia. The main categories include household appliances, home building materials, kitchen supplies, pet supplies, auto supplies, maternal and child toys, and cosmetics. On the evening of October 30th, Beijing time, Eldorado released a new LOGO.


Eldorado has introduced the "plug" for the first time in its own logo since 2003, which has turned Eldorado's Russian "Эльдорадо" initial "Э" into a "socket". Greatly express its relationship with the appliance. Although Eldorado has made three adjustments to his brand since 2003, the "plug" graphics have been retained.


The Eldorado restore the brand image and upgraded the original logo, "plug" pattern will officially disappear from the LOGO , replaced by a "lightning" pattern. In terms of brand color, a new color matching, lemon green, is added to the original red and white color, further emphasizing the brand's digitization.


According to Vasily Bolshakov, Marketing Director of Eldorado, through the upgrade of the brand image, Eldorado will be positioned as an affordable, fast-distributing home appliance retail brand, which will increase store operational efficiency and expand regional coverage in the future. The addition of the lightning symbol is associated with home appliances and electronics for the brand, and this symbol is also a representative of energy and speed.