Questions And Solutions About Porsche Logo

- Jul 04, 2019-

As a new round of advertising products in the new era, the 3D car logo not only has a very beautiful appearance, but also provides more intuitive promotional information. However, after a long-term use of high-quality products, there will be more or less  problems. Let's take a look at the common problems that installation of Porsche.

When installing and disassembling the Porsche Illuminated Vehicle , the operating technician should wear the working gloves that meet the requirements, so as to avoid the sweat, water, salt and other corrosive components on the hand, causing damage to the surface of the vehicle and affecting the surface.


Whether installing or disassembling the outer frame of a Porsche illuminated car, remember to do it lightly and keep it steady. Do not bump or otherwise rub the part of the process, then place the frame on the ground. It is important to remove the plug and disconnect the power supply of the Porsche Illuminated Vehicle Standard before proceeding with the installation and removal procedure. In addition, for all electrical components inspection and maintenance work, it is forbidden to operate.


After the repair, install the logo, be sure to check if the upper power cord is in the slot of the power supply. If it is not in the middle, remember to correct it. If the entire Porsche lighting standard is not bright, the relevant maintenance personnel should check whether the leakage protection device is closed, whether the wire connector of the plug is loose or not, and whether the connector of the relevant input/output device is not in contact.