Real Updated The Logo For The First Time

- Nov 18, 2018-

Germany's large supermarket chain Real established in 1992, is one of the largest supermarket chains in Germany and is part of the prestigious Metro AG. Real has more than 200 supermarkets in Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, as well as its own online store. A wide range of products are available, including items such as daily necessities, sporting goods, books, electronics, and clothing.


On November 6, 2017, Real announced to restore its brand image. According to the official press release, the new corporate image design reflects the achievements of Real over the past 20 years.


The new LOGO retains the original font design and increases the curvature of the corners of the font to make it more natural and smooth. The comma and the underline on the right side of the original LOGO (Real,-) are separated, and the separated ",-" will be used in price tags, such as 15, -99. The new brand also introduces a new blue color as a brand. When talking about the new brand, The CEO of Real said:“The new brand has always integrated the integrity of offline and online, giving our customers and employees a complete brand display. More importantly, make consumers get more quality and safe goods at the best price."