Roewe Motors 4S Showroom New Logo

- Aug 11, 2020-

At the opening ceremony of the live broadcast of the 8th "SAIC Design International Challenge", Shao Jingfeng, deputy chief designer and global design director of SAIC Group Technology Center, showed everyone the new "R mark" and the new "Lion mark" of the Roewe brand.

The two new standards are so-called dual swords, invincible in the world. According to Roewe's official introduction, the new R standard represents multiple meanings such as Relax, Reliable, Refresh, Robust vitality, Release and Ready ready. From the design sketch point of view, the new R-mark design is more concise, and it also uses a flat and rounded design, which is in line with the identity positioning of new energy vehicles.


SAIC Roewe's classic lion logo will also have a new look. The new lion logo design is relatively simple and uses black and white color matching, so its color matching information is not yet known. However, it can be seen from the official map of SAIC Roewe's new RX5 that the new "Lion Mark" abandons the old red and black background color, while adopting a black and gray color scheme, and the internal proportions have also been adjusted.


Shanghai Bobang logo, as a manufacturer of car logo LOGO for car 4s shop, has to make the new Roewe logo, so what is the process of the new Roewe logo? Please see below.

Bobang's professional technical team continuously tests according to the customer’s requirements, and finally passed the customer’s approval, and started to place orders for production. Regarding the production of Roewe's new car logos, here is a brief disclosure. Due to technical reasons, it is inconvenient to explain in detail. Of course, if you are interested, you can come to our factory to watch the whole process of production, and customize the product suitable for you according to your requirements.


The basic process is: Panel: Acrylic blister molding, Lion: Acrylic panel is engraved, and bottom plate: It is finally assembled by printing technology. If you want to know more, please inquire for customized.