Russian Bank-- Alfa-Bank

- May 30, 2019-

Founded in 1990 by Russian businessman Mikhail Fridman, Alfa-Bank is headquartered in Moscow and is one of the largest private commercial banks in Russia. Currently, the banking business covers seven countries around the world, providing financial services to more than 381,600 active corporate customers and 14.2 million retail customers. The bank is particularly active in Russia and Ukraine, and its capital ranks among the top ten banks in both countries.

Recently, Alfa-Bank Bank updated its brand image and launched a new LOGO and custom fonts. This is the first time since 2006 that the bank has rebranded its brand.


The new LOGO transforms the previously complex and redundant "A Alfa-Bank" more clearly and intuitively, integrating the independent underlined letter "A" into the word mark to form a unified whole.


The new LOGO will be divided into a separate underline A and a unified Alfa-Bank, where a separate A-character icon will be applied to social media avatars, web icons and apps, while the full version of the wordmark is on the site, related Used in marketing promotional materials.