Silk Screen Lighting Volkswagen Car Logo

- Nov 10, 2020-

Everyone knows that the icon of the Volkswagen car logo is a classic logo with a V and a W placed on a blue background and surrounded by a circle. At first glance it looks very kind, but it is inevitably mediocre. However, it is such a seemingly ordinary 4S shop large car logo. The production can be described as quite complicated and requires many processes. The Goodbond editor will give you the following Explain the production process of Volkswagen's silk-screen luminous car logo.


Professional car logo production is to use high-quality acrylic or ABS sheets through a CNC blister forming machine to vacuum position and suction pressure. The high-precision aluminum mold can ensure the accuracy of each product. After the Volkswagen silk-printed luminous car logo is basically formed, it needs to go through several processes such as milling, milling, polishing, filming, and art. Finally, the LED energy-saving light source is laid in the car logo, built-in waterproof LED, equipped with a waterproof transformer, and a three-dimensional after painting The prototype of the car logo is basically completed.


Since it is a silk-screen car logo, the process of silk-screen printing must not be neglected. Silk-screen printing is a very common way of processing the picture of blister light boxes, and it is also ideal. It is mainly squeezed by a scraper to make The ink is transferred to the image and text through the image and text part to form the same image and text as the original. Especially when we produce a certain number of Volkswagen silk-screened luminous car logos, we try our best to adopt the method. Because our plates need to be baked and pressed at a high temperature, we must use good inks when screen printing, otherwise, it will be easy to scratch during the production process and fade after a period of use. Different inks are used for different materials for screen printing. The screen printing inks used by our company are imported from Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan, so that the color of the product is corrosion-resistant, non-oxidized, non-shedding, non-fading, and can be guaranteed for 5 years.


The production cycle of Volkswagen silk-screen luminous car logo is generally 4~10 days. The luminous car logo process is briefly summarized as follows:

 1. Mold making, computer engraving to make molds.

 2. The face cover is formed by ABS blister molding, and the back plate is made of acrylic.

 3. The outer ring is electroplated with silver, and the middle is silk-printed with white film.

    Four. Built-in LED lights, the whole body glows at night/the back glows.