Spanish Gaming Multinational Company-- Codere

- May 16, 2019-

Founded in 1980, Codere is a Spanish gaming multinational company. The business covers seven countries, Spain and Italy, as well as Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Uruguay in Latin America. Codere's investment and operations include online games and over 7,700 football forecast sports lot stores and 148 game arcs, 1119 playgrounds, 602 gaming stores and 4 racetracks.

On May 10th, Codere launched a new corporate branding system to strengthen its digital strategy and reflect the process of cultural transformation, aiming to deliver the promises and values of integrity, excellence, innovation, efficiency and transparency to customers.


The brand new LOGO abandons the long-running trèfles (also known as grass flower) patterns, using simple and uniform lowercase text logos.


According to the Codere press release, the new LOGO is easier to identify and younger. As for why the plum pattern was abandoned, the company said the icon was too traditional and not well correlated with the company's existing new game model. Discard the original graphics and gradually build this new image into the only brand operated by the group.