Spanish Shipbuilding Company-- Navantia

- Jun 09, 2019-

Navantia is a Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 2005, it currently employs more than 5,500 people worldwide. Mainly engaged in the design and construction of naval warships, the business is spread all over the world, in addition to repairing merchant ships and the existing military vessels of the Spanish government, the shipbuilding business is also distributed in Norway, Australia, Chile, Spain, India, Thailand, Venezuela.


On May 31, local time, Navandia President Susanade Sarriá presented the company's brand new image at the closing ceremony of the International Defense Expo in Madrid. According to Susanade Sarriá, the new image will be an important part of the company's digital transformation. Therefore, ensure that the new corporate brand can be better disseminated and achieve new goals and strategic deployments of Navantia.


Although the new LOGO inherits the graphics and colors of the original brand, the new graphics and fonts are more in line with the needs of the digital world. The lighter and brighter blue symbolizes the ocean, and the pattern of two wavy lines represents Navantia's leading knowledge and experience in naval defense. In this update, the pattern part will be composed of two parts, curve and straight line, which will show a more human side and its digital and industrial characteristics, with more rational typesetting and more personality.