Tadpole-shaped Vacuum Thermoforming Plastic Light Box

- Apr 10, 2020-

Vacuum Blister is a molding process, but with the changes in market demand, blister products are ever-changing. Take the blister light box as an example. Have a deep learning. In the early years, our company received a production order for a special shaped plastic light box shaped like a tadpole. Its production process is worthwhile discuss. The editor will tell you about the manufacturing process of the blister light box now. Next, let's take a look at this tadpole-shaped (yes) shaped plastic light box:


As you can see, the tadpole-shaped (yes) shaped plastic light box is divided into two parts: yellow and white. The yellow panel is convex, and the white "yes". The typeface is recessed. The manufacturing process of this special-shaped blister light box is relatively complicated, so its manufacturing process is as follows what?


Shanghai Bobang Signage Co., Ltd. specializes in plastics processing and production for more than 17 years, and has very rich experience in super large, special-shaped and thick plastics processing. Correct In the production of tadpole-shaped (yes) shaped plastic light boxes, we first used the overall plastic blister of the yellow panel.

Including the "yes" part is also a whole blister, but the "yes" part is sucked in, that is to say, it is recessed, and it needs a step. Then, it is the white "yes" part, which is made of milky white acrylic sheet, which is cut, carved into the word "yes", and then glued Connect to the corresponding position in the recess, and then install the lamp at the bottom. Of course, this tadpole-shaped (yes) shaped plastic light box and the floor back shell, The front and back buckle, both sides shine.

The factory picture of tadpole-shaped (yes) shaped plastic light box production case is as follows:



According to the different needs of the market, the shaped plastic light boxes are different, and the production process and difficulty will also change with the changes in demand.