The First Time To Change Logo---MARS

- Mar 21, 2019-

Founded in the United States in 1911, Mars, a world-renowned food manufacturer, is a global leader in chocolate, pet care, and confectionery, with many world-renowned brands. Among these brands, brands worth more than one billion US dollars include Dove, Mars, M&M’S, Snickers, UNCLE BEN’S, Aobai, Baolu, Royal, Weijia and Tequ.


When it comes to Mars, you might think that this is a company that produces popular candy, such as M&M’S, Snickers and Dove. In addition, few people know that it is an important player in the pet care industry. In order to get rid of this influence, Mars decided to update his brand image.


March 13, 2019, the company released a new set of visual assets, including new LOGO, fonts and new color schemes for Mars, Mars candy and pet care. It is worth noting that this is the first time that Mars has changed its brand LOGO since its founding 108 years ago.