The General Process Of Qichen

- Aug 01, 2019-

Qichen LOGO is made up of five stars of different sizes. The whole LOGO shows as a  round shape. The rolled sheet is pulled into the oven and heated to a softened state, quickly pulled up to the top of the plastic mold and moves up the mold, then, the softened sheet is adsorbed onto the surface of the mold, and the cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the formed sheet in a mist to harden it, and the formed sheet is automatically pulled to the storage box, and the pneumatic cutting knife is formed and molded. The unformed sheets are separated, thus completing the entire process of the Kaichen LOGO shape.


Details of outdoor Kaichen film LOGO panel production : the plastic molding of the Kaichen car standard panel for electroplating, the general vacuum coating method is to spray a primer on the material, and then do electroplating. Since the material is a plastic part, air bubbles, organic gases are left in the injection molding, and moisture in the air is taken in when placed.

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After vacuum coating, it is also sprayed, polished, polished, and then dust-free. The painting process is the same as that of automotive sheet metal painting. The order of painting should be strictly in accordance with the process, and the thickness of the paint. Can't be too thick.

After the paint is sprayed, the film is applied. The white film is used for the logo film. The stars of different sizes use different specifications of the film. The silver film at the corners of the silver stars needs to be attached. The other three stars do not need to be attached. It should be noticed that the smallest star does not need to be processed.