The Giant Of Cosmetics Chain---Douglas Douglas

- Sep 19, 2018-

Douglas Douglas is a cosmetics chain in Germany. It can find its exclusive chain stores in all major cities in Germany. It is the largest cosmetics company in the German cosmetics market currently. Douglas currently has more than 1,100 perfume retail stores in 18 European countries, as well as the German chain of bookstores Thalia and a number of jewellery and fashion boutiques.


A few days ago, Douglas owner Tina Müller revealed that starting in August this year, Douglas will adopt a brand new logo design. This old logo, which has been used for nearly 50 years, will be replaced. The new logo will be available in the future for its own brands, online stores and Douglas' offline stores.


TinaMüller said: "In recent years, the digital field has been developing at a non-fast pace. For a traditional brand, a new image will help attract younger consumers."