The Library Of Congress

- Mar 14, 2019-

The Library of Congress was founded in 1800 and is located in Washington, DC. It is a subsidiary library of the US Congress and the actual national library of the United States. It is one of the five national libraries in the United States. With a collection of 30 million books, it covers 470 languages and more than 58 million manuscripts. It is the largest collection of rare books in the United States and the largest collection of libraries in the world. Not long ago, the Library of Congress launched a new image designed by Paula Scher, a partner of New York-based design firm Pentagram.


The central task of the Library of Congress is to provide a rich, diverse and enduring source of knowledge, with an amazing breadth and power. The new LOGO captures the spirit of the library and its collection in a dynamic, similar to a metaphorical bookshelf or bookcase, expressing the Library of Congress as a place to gather knowledge. More like a treasure chest, full of unlimited information and services, if you open it, you will be able to explore the ocean of knowledge at any time.