The Luxury Balmain Changed New Logo

- Nov 11, 2018-

Balmain was founded in 1945 by French fashion designer Pierre Balmain. Together with Dior and Balenciaga, it became the bespoke fashion giant after World War II. The aforementioned Dior and Balenciaga have been changed to a new LOGO. Recently, Balmain has also adapted to the trend of the times, and has changed the LOGO for the first time in its brand history of nearly 80 years.


Last night, Olivier Rousten, the creative director who has been with Balmain for 8 years, posted a news update on his Instagram account, announcing that Balmain will launch a new brand LOGO. However, unlike the Burberry and Celine brands, Balmain's move is not due to the replacement of the creative director, but the significance behind this new logo.


The new logo at first glance is the abbreviation “B” from its brand name, but the “B” has a vertical line on the left side that looks like a combination of “P” and “B”. It turned out that such a careful arrangement was to pay tribute to the founder of the brand, Pierre Balmain, and the other was to symbolize the most important city for the brand, Paris.